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Elford Village Hall

Hiring Guide

Including Health & Safety Information


This document is designed to be a general guide to the usage and facilities of Elford Village Hall.

It provides information essential to those considering a booking and for hirers who need to understand what the venue can offer and how best to utilise its excellent facilities

All hirers are advised to read this guide before the event date to fully appreciate the extent and limitations of the accommodation, facilities and equipment.

It will also provide an opportunity to raise any queries before your event to ensure total satisfaction on the day.

You will find the Hall to be an excellent venue for a wide range of events:  meetings, wedding receptions, parties, training, business events, social events etc

1. Facilities

The village hall comprises a multi-roomed traditional village hall set in and complemented by the village conservation area.

In 2006 the original hall was demolished and totally rebuilt in 2007 incorporating extended accommodation and modern fittings.


Ground floor:

Entrance Foyer, Main Hall, two Meeting Rooms, Fitted Kitchen, Servery/Bar, Stage, Backstage area


First Floor:

Studio/Meeting Room and Office, served by a lift


Outside: Landscaped Gardens, Gazebo and Parking





Leads off the open porch with double automatic doors and provides a suitable area for greeting. Stairs and lift provide access to the first floor accommodation


Main Hall:  41’ x 28’4”

Comfortably accommodates 125 people with a raised stage to one end (accessed from front, two sides and by stair lift). The hall abuts the Servery (which can be separated) and has access off to all rooms and toilets

Jubilee Room (capacity 30):  23’8” x 13’11”

This is accessed off the foyer with double doors to the rear terrace. This room is suitable for catering for Main Hall events (with bain marie, chiller cabinet & direct access to main hall and kitchen) or for separate meetings.


Shakespeare Room (capacity 30): 17’ x 19’

This is set off the lobby area and is usually set up as a conference room although again the room has flexibility for many uses. There is a small, separate catering area allowing the room to be used in isolation for drink making facilities etc. This room also provides access to the rear of stage and could be used for the preparation of any production. There is a self contained separate access from the front via the back stage passage.


First Floor Studio/Meeting Room  (capacity 20):

Ideal for open meetings, art groups, break-out room etc. with separate sink and access from landing with lift



A modern fitted kitchen with access onto the Servery and Jubilee Room. The fittings provide cooking facilities which can overflow into the Jubilee Room with Bain marie and fridge.

Servery: Ideal as a bar incorporating glass washing facilities and disabled serving. Alternatively, food can be served directly from the kitchen.


Gentlemen, Ladies and Disabled Toilets: The ladies’ toilet incorporates a shower which can be used in the event of an organisation staying overnight.


Grounds: The gardens to the rear have been landscaped and can be accessed directly off the Jubilee Room or alternatively from the car park. With these attractively laid out gardens it is an ideal backdrop for wedding photographs or simply quiet reflection. Gazebo and patio areas complete this valuable addition to the venue for summer events. Parking is provided to the side of the hall.


2. Utilities

Heating - Central heating is operated automatically and is included in the hire price during the winter months. Additionally, there are wall mounted, coin-operated, infra-red heaters.

Water - Hot and cold water are provided in the kitchen and toilets.

Fans - A system of ceiling blower/extractor fans in the Main Hall can be operated from switches backstage


3. Equipment


11 large tables (6’ x 2’6”) stored under the stage or in Hall

 8 small tables (5’ x 2’)

12 small tables (3’ x 2’) set up in the Studio

10 x 5’ round tables (which can be hired for a small fee) they are not included in the hire charge



125 blue upholstered chairs and        

12 blue upholstered armchairs                                                 


Crockery:  Plates, cups, saucers, mugs etc. are provided in the kitchen

Cutlery:    Knives, forks and spoons are provided in the kitchen

Glasses:     Are not provided

Kitchen:            Fridge, cooker, 2 microwaves, dishwasher

Jubilee Room:  Bin Marie and chill cabinet

Servery:         Chiller cabinet, glass washer

4. Licence

The Village Hall holds a 'Premises Licence' which permits entertainment including plays, films (indoor only), indoor sporting events, live music, recorded music, performances of dance, dancing, making music and late night refreshment.

These are only permitted very strictly within the following periods:

  •  Monday to Saturday: 0900 to midnight

  •  Sunday: 0900 to 2230


The Licence also allows the committee to sell alcohol on the premises.    There is a charge for the use of this facility; which is of £50.00.   Anyone wishing to sell alcohol does need the permission from the Village Hall Committee.

5. Courtesy to Neighbours 


Please be aware that the premises are located within the middle of a residential area. In order to avoid undue disturbance, we would be grateful if you could follow these guidelines:


- The village hall is of modern construction with reasonable soundproofing. However, please keep the noise level, especially of any music, to an acceptable level.

- Please be aware that open doors or windows increase the sound disturbance considerably, it is therefore advised to only open windows/doors at breaks in the music. Functions must finish by midnight (Mon to Sat) or 10.30pm (Sunday).

- Any disturbance or noise after this period is in breach of the Hall Premises Licence.

- Please ensure that cars are safely parked without inconveniencing any of the locals.

The road opposite the Hall is private and must not be used for parking  

6. Health & Safety


The Hall Committee has taken all reasonable steps through risk assessments and maintenance of facilities to ensure the safety of users of the Hall.

Please note that Hall users have their own responsibility for ensuring that the activities of themselves and any visitors or members of their party do not pose any health and safety risks

This includes any health or safety issues related to accidents, food hygiene, behaviour and fire.

Fire Procedure

All users should make themselves aware of the Fire Procedure which is on the notice board.

Emergency Exits All users should make themselves aware of the location of the Fire Exits and ensure access to them is kept clear at all times. Fire Exit signs should be illuminated when the Hall is in use.

No Smoking Policy

The Hall has a strict no-smoking policy which is posted on the notice board.  Smoking is not permitted in the outside porch area, as this is part of the building.  Smoke machines are also not permitted.

Car Parking

Users must ensure that the car park is used responsibly and that people, particularly children, are not at risk from moving vehicles. Drivers must take care when entering or leaving the car park.

The Garden

Users must be aware that allowing children to climb fences, buildings or the gazebo is dangerous.

In heavy rain, snow or ice the pathways and patio areas can become slippery – take extra care.


Users must take care when using the kitchen, particularly with hot water, hot surfaces and potentially slippery floors if food or liquids are spilt. Lichfield District Council recommends that at least one person preparing food on the premises should hold a Food Hygiene Certificate.

Manual Handling

When moving tables, chairs, the bain marie, or the mobile stage steps, users should ensure that appropriate methods are used to avoid the risk of strain or injury. Carry small numbers of plates or chairs and use 2 people to move tables.


The window should not be left open when young children are in the studio.


Users and performers should take care to ensure that they or their equipment do not fall off the stage or down the steps or stairs.  The safety line should not be crossed.

Stair Lift

This must not be operated without a responsible person present.


Users must not allow any of their party to act in any way which poses a risk to themselves or others. Rowdy or drunken behaviour is dangerous and must be prohibited.  Failure to do so could result in being reported to the Police.

Clearing Up

Users have responsibility to clear up after the event, as detailed in the vacation procedure.

Care should be taken to avoid slipping on liquids or tripping over cables etc.


A First Aid kit is provided in the kitchen. Please record all accidents in the Accident Book in the kitchen.


There is an alarm operated by a digital keypad. The number (which is changed regularly) is provided with the keys on booking, or arrangements made to unlock/lock the hall if appropriate.

On vacating the Village Hall please ensure:


  • All doors and windows are shut

  • All heaters and lights are off

  • All taps are off

  • The alarm is set

  • The main door is locked

  • All bins are emptied


Damage and Difficulties

All damage to village hall property or any maintenance items should be reported to

Greg Watkins on 01827 383076 as soon as possible


7. Fire Exits and Equipment

In the event of a fire please immediately use the marked Fire Exits, assemble on the car park and call the Fire Brigade. Only use fire fighting equipment for minor fires, if there is no risk involved.

Do not re-enter the hall until instructed by an official.

8.  Opening Procedure


- Unbolt the front door, otherwise it will fuse the automatic mechanism

- Turn the door opening mechanism to required mode, and re-hang the key on the hook provided

- Switch on fire exit lighting on switch just inside main hall


9.  Vacation Procedure

We hope you have a successful event and would like to welcome you back to Elford Village Hall in the future.


Before leaving the hall, please complete all the checks and actions detailed in the ‘Vacation Check List’(Appendix 3).  This is on the notice board in the hall and in the booking confirmation pack.

This will enable us to refund your deposit, less any charges for damage or cleaning.












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